He Wants Special Woman


Every man has a dream  to find  a special woman in the life. This our customer is looking for very special. But we are sure that we will find that one for him-

"In your opinion, a woman with her breasts outside the jacket, the thong is a woman who wants a calm, orderly, faithful life as a couple, ... ??? This woman makes you want love. It is she who shows herself in this way: she will have her reasons for her. I remember you already proposed this woman to me. I believe that she is a very smart woman, not very shy, not at all reserved, never elegant, very provocative. I could spend a weekend with her. She could be my lover, not my love. With a woman dressed in such a vulgar way, I would never go out, . My sincerity is total. Much better was Rina, the Latin American music dancer. She was more dignified, more modest, less vulgar, less showy, but a person closer to my elegant, refined, cultured style.

I don't remember the name of your website. You know what I like. And what I don't like.

Thank you"

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