He Is Looking For Future Wife


This our Italian client has a serious intentions. It is a pleasure to know about this. We will try to help him to find his dream girl for marriage.

"Now I'll tell you something. I am single by choice. This condition allows me to travel when I want, where I want, with whoever I want. I have visited over 40 foreign countries. I met many single women in Italy. And there are so many. I do what I want with my life without being accountable to anyone. So if I am joining a woman, I must like her a lot. She must be beautiful, faithful, homely, clean and intelligent. I make her live well as a person and above all as a woman. She will have it all. But you don't have to ask me for a child. Otherwise I prefer the relationship to end. And so was my life after the divorce with my ex-wife and the birth of my 2 children. Tomorrow evening I'm having dinner with them in Rome. I live very well.

Luda, believe me, your Ukrainian friends with me would be very lucky. So the biggest advantage is them. But there are those who do not understand. If you find me the woman I like it is ok for me, otherwise, unfortunately for them it will be a life of difficulties and problems". 

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