Come To Italia,Dear


 Serious Italian our client invite our Lina to Italia.But she id¡s thinking what to do? Go or no?

"In Italy there is a famous proverb that says: "the iron strikes while it is hot". You will see, unfortunately I say, that the fate of the Ukrainian refugees will affect much less over time. Why? Because everyone will think about their own life. Italians will want to go to the beach because summer is upon us. And the women you know, if they don't make the right choices quickly, will end up having regrets. Without a home, a job, money, a man who wants love, an unknown language, ... how do they think they have a safe and good life, with beauty ??? Believe me, beauty doesn't matter. When a person is sick and needs a doctor if he does not have the money he is not treated. And these women never think about the future? I will have a pension that will allow me to have a monthly salary until the last day of my life. And whoever does not have an economic and social parachute must only pray to always have health, because if he is sick he cannot even eat.  tells me,Luda, she is in Switzerland now. Maybe next week she will come in Italy. I hope to care her. Thank you for all."

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