You think that It is easy to find a woman for marriage, even there are big choice? No, Very difficult. Read the letter of our client and you will understand.

"Dear Lyubov, your friend Angela is definitely gone. No problem for me of course. Just one consideration. On her profile there is a picture that looks like a porcelain doll. Stilettos, luxurious car, dressed elegant, face super makeup. But in practice you don’t have the money to pay for hotels in Italy. Or maybe you don’t want to come. But it’s okay. According to you is a woman who wants to take care of her man or is a woman who wants a man who pays for her every need, simply because she has all retouched photos to the photoshot.... It takes seriousness to be welcomed into someone else’s home. I have no confidence in her. I saw her on video on whatsapp and saw her photos. They’re two different people. . I’d have risked a lot more than you by letting a stranger in with my kids. I don’t even want to write to this woman anymore. Sincerely I wish you so much serenity, health and what you need in money to live with dignity.
Like I said, I haven’t lost anything, and all the Ukrainian women you’ve shown me don’t think they’ll ever have a better future like they would have with me.
Good life again.
Best regards"

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