She Is Not Sure About Him...

 The invitation to visit him in Italia she received, but will be date or no- we do not know yet.

" Mom has some doubts, so she wants you to come and get to know her, as well as the church and the Holy Father, and then she will give approval or let her daughter go to Italy forever. Since now I was living as a homeless person in the houses of my friends - and she was simply shocked. I will not repeat such mistakes again. I have already taken 5 credits because I am a girl and not a robot. I have hair that I wash, eat, put on underwear, and a life of shooting a hotel and many other things. I also showed my mother all the text messages where you write that I am to blame for everything. she is in shock. that's why she wants to get to know you first and then let me live. She is a wise woman, and her opinion is important to me."

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