Sometimes our client wants  tha the events go more quicly. and we need to help them to explain the situation. this letter of our customer says about this.

Dear Nelson. I hope everything about you is good?! Yes, Julia has such a character. she gradually gets used to people and it is difficult for her to be active in life. That's why I said that I'm ready to help you! Everything will be fine! But it all takes time and patience! I wish you a good day and all the best

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 We have very nice customer from Italia. Very nice educated man. We try to help him to find his dream lady about two years, but coulnt do this.

Luba, I have no need to chase a Russian woman or Ukraine. If anything it should be the opposite that a woman from your country did not miss the opportunity that you offer her. Instead, they feel unreachable, pretentious and presumptuous. With a small but substantial difference, they have no chance of buying a house, a car, having a worthy job in Italy. So they can’t do anything. I am so sorry. But it’s the sad truth.

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Luba, you are an intelligent woman. I don’t need a woman to fill my life. Thank God I have so much. I am a lucky man. The only women I liked (maybe) that you introduced me were Karolina and Yuliya. Karolina was not suitable for me because she was too demanding and I would get tired of her very soon. I’m still happy that she is in love with a young man. Yuliya was too young for an "old man" like me. I would have been bad to her and she would have been bad to me. In a villa with 5 bathrooms and 5 bedrooms does not enter anyone, but only a person able to be grateful and worthy to live with me. Now I leave for a weekend with a woman for Nice in France. I will go out again in October. From Monday to Friday I am always out for work. I’m not bored ... Read more »

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