In Ukraine we have more women than men. Before the war it was like this- for one man ten women. Now I do not know what even to tell.And of course, our women try to look better in order to find a man for marriage. But only read what our American customer think about this.

"Another case of Ukraine girls injecting lips  with Botox or some lip swelling substance. If , for example you look at Jana video. Very thin ( but natural ) upper lip but still very pretty. When in Paris I saw very few , if any, women with puffed up lips For some reason the Ukraine women think it enhances their beauty but in reality the lips look like duck bills .Appreciate your efforts"

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My Dearest Ruslana,
I found you and I'm ready for the Hunt Ruslana!
You wrote to me twice last month and I read every word. Your so intelligent and beautiful and I believe your soul is warm creative and quite lovely. Yes I'm hunting for love now. I look at you and read your letters over and over and get something new each about you each time. You are different Ruslana. You are special and you deserve a man with a beautifully kind heart and I know someone like that who is alone and searching. Yes I'm searching for you Ruslana. I'm a Christian Musician Recording Artist Guitarist Singer Songwriter Performer. I also own a Real Estate Brokerage Services Company. I've been trading real estate properties for many year ... Read more »

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