Madam Elena,
Thanks again for your so precious help in order to bring finally yo me Karina,the woman of my dream..
Then,let's decide the date of your trip to Krakow.
I m arranging all needs (your good Bus from Vinnitsa)Hotel in Kracow and my flight to get there,
I ll arrive in Krakow by Wizzair at 17:10..Will get hotel a d wait your arrive.
I ll try to pick up you at bus station,so that we can go all together to hotel by my taxi.
I ll be so grateful to you,and will bring also a present from Italy, if you'll get free in order to leave Vinnitsa  in  morning,not so early (I gona search a bus leaving about 9 a.m.)
It would sound great,that you will do the best to be available to leave Vinnitsa  in after ... Read more »

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