A new couple in our agency!. Congratulation! 

 Ve are so glad that they liked each other!. Its great, really great to help the people to be  happy. They are happy! I cannot describe my feeling when I saw the good result of my work and see the people happy. I realise how is important my job.

 The way to them to meet each other was long and difficul. Natalia is our client more then 10 years. Roberto is our client 4 years. We tried to help them to meet the half all those years , but nothing happen. 

 And only today those two lonely persons finnaly met each other. It happen in Poland in a small village, where Natalia came at the beginning of the war. Roberto made this long trip from Italia with a great pleasure, ... Read more »

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Luba, I know what I want, but above all it is clearer to me what I do not want. I am faithful and I want a faithful woman. I love to eat and so I want a woman who loves to cook. I am a graduate so I want a cultured person, also because my friends and friends are doctors, engineers, lawyers so with a woman who has no culture I would be uncomfortable and she would feel out of place. It would not be environment for her. I like to dress well and I want a woman who has taste in dress. I am always cheerful and smiling, so I am sick with a sad, pessimistic person. I take great care of myself for aesthetic appearance (I have a very sporty physique) and therefore I want a beautiful woman of physique and with a gorgeous face. I practice skiing, swimming, tennis, golf, basketbal ... Read more »

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"Dear, You look like a star in a world of carbon.. Your eyes and your smile would be able to heal the wounds that life inferted to me.. I gave ever dreamed a woman like you.. Unfortunately I got many disappointed by women..majority wanted only my money without offering their soul.. I was married for 4 years..then my ex wife betrayed me with a reach but rude man. I divorced 4 years ago and I'm now ready to start a new life with a real woman I want to take care about her and give also her all my heart. Please, let's try to build a relationship".. Your Gianluca

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