Missunderstanding sometimes can be  bettween a couple. Inga and Marc have now some missinderstanding between them. Why?  Beacause Inga wants marriage with him. Like all girls of the world she dreams about marriage. 

" Hello again dear Luda How are you today? Hope you still have summer weather there. I have something maybe not nice to hear but I feel I must tell you. Do you remember when we was talking about planned trip to Ocean I discovered maybe money will not be enough because Swedish money had just become too weak against euro. Inga became aggressive against me she said why I planned stay 10 days without more money. She took money which I had on my hand and went to her room. You asked me at this situation: MARC DO YOU MARRY ... Read more »

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"Dear Luca. I want to clear up the misunderstandings that are unfolding at the moment.. This made me reconsider my views today on my kind and friendly attitude towards everything! And further on, I would like to ask you to change the demanding tone of your communication with me into a friendly one. I am doing you a favor! I fulfill all your requirements .. I am sincerely sorry that you and I do not know each other in reality and you could not make me a friend and a decent person who does a good deed for you, is looking for your destiny, is looking for a bride for you. I am a professional matchmaker! I choose a fate for each client, I give happiness to people, I do good. I am sincerely sorry that we started this project without discussing all the details! I ... Read more »

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