Finally they met each other. How difficult it was for us to organize this date. But what a big pleasure to read this his letter.

Beautiful evening outside the window,beautiful words and your thoughts! My friend will not rush things we are only on the eve of the meeting and the meeting is destined for us by fate. it is important that we respect each other and appreciate! from this great love is born! I thank you for the wonderful reception and gentlemanly attitude towards me and the situation in general

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  In order to arrange the date, we, the agency, have to do a lot. It is rutine work , but without this work will be not a date, And we do everything that people can meet each ther, even they live in the different countries and now the war. After the date can be marriage. And our task is to help the people to find the life partner.

Dear Luca! I understand you. We don't know each other yet. We only tune in to the positive and to a pleasant meeting with you. Karina has a great desire to get to know you. You are her idol. You are the man who showed her a beautiful life and great opportunities. I spoke very strictly with Karina! She will no longer ask you for money and I ask you, as an adult mature man, not to be led by a young girl. Of course, she en ... Read more »

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