Our client is in love with our the most beautiful client. She is going to visit him in Italia. He lives near this beach and he want to show her in what Paradise they will live together after marriage.

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 Our nice Italian client is still looking for his dream lady.

"Beauty isn’t everything to me.
If a woman is not smart. If a woman, like Yuliya wants children, because I know that she wanted children, for me it is not necessary to waste time. A woman is not just a body and a face.
I can leave her or anyone else if she gives me trouble or wants an impossible life for me.
She, like Karolina, like other women, can hardly be at my side.
I’m much less interested in women than before.
I got used to being single, my freedom.
If she wants to come here to Italy and behave with me in a correct way always she can be welcome, otherwise she, if she has strange thoughts it is better to stay at her home in Ukraine, bec ... Read more »

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 Congratulations. Today our  client Irina  celebrates her Wedding.  The proposal for marriage she received  in April and the angagement was in April, but wedding only today. 

 The wedding was in Amsterdam where her  husband was born.

 It  were a lot of guests from Ukraine ( Irina  is from Kiev) and from Europe. It was great. Only a little problem - it was rains. And the temperature was 15 C. 

 In Ukraine the old people say that rain during the wedding its very good. the couple will be happy! we are sure in this because there is a big love between  this couple.

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