Michael is in love with our charming client Carolina. But the love cannot be only pleasure. Sometimes It  brings the sufferings.

"Carolina,i read the awful egoistic message you sent me through Luda:it means you don't feel any love for me..your "love"is only EGOISM..
You keep me blocked cause have another man,right?(?((??
Anywhay i recovered at 1000% in 2 days..
Now i am stronger than before and with a stronger body and specially a stronger morale.
They'll be both yours...))-ummm...
Come to me,if you don't have other man,!!!"

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Tomorrow our client Victoria will visit those places with his man. He lives here in the South of Europe and he invited her to come to his place where he lives. They met each other in our Matchmaking agency “Love” one moth ago. She just came to us and we presented her to our favorie client. They liked each other and he went to visit her in Switzerland. First date was nice and they decided to develop their relatioships. And now Victoria is going to visit him in his place.

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" We are too different!" - wrote our Italiant customer. And he is right. But  even too different , those women attract Western men.

" Excuse the sincerity : but living in a villa of 400 square meters, in a villa by the sea in the summer... is it little for this Mila and other Ukrainian women?
What’s so unique about them that other women don’t?
Legs, breasts,  money, beauty, youth, culture, houses, jewelry, cars, bank accounts????
I do not understand what their life.
We are too different. Distant.
It’s best for me above all that these women stay away.
They can’t give me anything.

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