What our women are looking in man? You can tell what do you want, but I will tell you the truth- Kindness. Man has to be kind and then a woman will fall in love with him. Our customer Tony from Italia is very kind and when his girl friend became sick and had to do surgery -he helped her with everything. Now they are in love and maybe will be married after the war. this is his letter to her.

I wrote Anna:
"Please, Anny, my love: take a good photo of your eye and send me here..
If you agree, I may send him and ask his consult, and you can come as soon as possible in Roma and I arrange a visit for you in his private studio in Viale Regina Elena ..nearby there's the Saint Dominic clinic, owned by nures from Saint Dominic's Order, whe ... Read more »

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 Some young ladies from my agency preferer to meet only older men. Why? Very often the men 50+ ask me about this. Better if you can read what ansewd 29 years old a girl from my agency.

"My Character: optimism, determination, the ability to appreciate the beautiful. My Hobbies: gardening, traveling, music, singing. I am looking for reliable man. For me is very important to trust my beloved person. That s why I want to have a man who are older than 50. Because only in this age person start willingness to seek compromises".

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  We were going to this part of Italia. It is real Paradise

 Our Agency continue to work even there is the war bettween Ukraine and Rassia. People need to love and to be loved. Situation not favorable and not simple to organize the dates. But we  try to do the best.

" Good day and good health! I sincerely congratulate you on the wonderful holiday of the Holy Trinity! We are almost ready for the journey. I sincerely thank you for your hospitality and for the tickets and expenses. I am pleased that you are a kind, intelligent person and attentive to the needs and little things associated with our arrival! I appreciate everything that you do for me personally! I want to talk about tickets today. I looked that there are tickets from Vinnitsa for ... Read more »

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