How nice to read the letters like this! When our clients gave the permission to us ,we read and can publish so romantic letters. What positive energy comes from this letter.

For us It is a big pleasure to help peoples to be happy.

"My knight ,my italian prince ,my star !I am in a great mood and I am happy that we will see each other soon and we are waiting for the most exciting meetings, romantic evenings and positive emotions! Elena took bus tickets to Krakow!! hooray! I'm going to you my heart, it's so wonderful."

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 Sometimes our clients ask us to help them in private questions between the soulmate. wich they chosen in our agency. Even we are busy, we always try to help them. Every our client is important to us.

"Luda ,please, tell Natalie to contact me after 2 p.m.our time cause after our call I was talking a lot of time to one of my closest friends from village who calmed down me..he's married with a fellow villager so tender and wise..
Then I get home and ate something..then Giuseppe brother came to me to bring more food and I told him everything what we spoke about ..
He suggested me to change lawyer but to choose quitely..asking  a name of new lawyer to my colleague Prosecutor in Salerno City.. he's my classmate, loves me like a br ... Read more »

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"Madam Elena,
Thanks again for your so precious help in order to bring finally yo me Karina,the woman of my dream..
Then,let's decide the date of your trip to Krakow.
I m arranging all needs (your good Bus from Vinnitsa)Hotel in Kracow and my flight to get there,all for the day 29th of September..
I ll arrive in Krakow by Wizzair at 17:10..Will get hotel a d wait your arrive.
I ll try to pick up you at bus station,so that we can go all together to hotel by my taxi.
I ll be so grateful to you,and will bring also a present from Italy, if you'll get free in order to leave Vinnitsa on 28th o fSeptember in morning,not so early (I gona search a bus leaving about 9 a.m.)
It would sound great,that you will do the best to ... Read more »

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 Dear our customer. We remind to you one mote time DO NOT SEND MONEY TO THE GIRL BEFORE ENGAGEMENT

"Feel free to contact me , or visit me , in case you feel to . I must go ahead , meanwhile . I have given my  financial support and I have given my trust . I am not used to ‘ buy ‘ women’ s interest . It exists, or it does not exist. Some people think that support is a condition to start relationships . I disagree fully . I wish calm day ."

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 Sinsere words of famous song reflects very nice the feelings of my customer and he sent this song to one of my lady.

"You hold me in your eyes In your own special way.. I wonder how you know The things I never said I can't imagine life Without you by my side The power of your love It's all I need tonight.. How I love you How i love you.. So come into my arms Lay down by my side The moon is always there to keep our love alight .. I know there have been times That I have caused you pain.. i'd turn them all around If I could start again That's much that I can say I know it is overdue The sweetest think I know.. The softness of your lips The colour of your hai The magic of your touch It's all I need tonight The meaning of my lifeitca ... Read more »

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