Sometimes It can Happen, We replace the girl if client is not glad.

"Dear Luda
This girl shorter than you told me [165  instead of 175 as  you assured) is even a liar:
Read the messages..
I wrote what you ad ised that is to meet without hurry,not necessarly tomorrow.
She a sered:next time you ll come where I will be, eve in Norway.
So I asked to send me back those 150 that I sent her.
But she try to lie, saying she already spent 150 euro that I sent for trip, buying  a suitcase..thing Impossible in 20 minutes.
She even said:I will send Elena the suitcase!!!
Can u imagine which liar and dishonest is she?
So, considering that she's too short .and it is due to your mistake (second after Karina age)
I ask you to replace her.
I can't be Interested in a so short woman and even liar!!
So be so kind to replace her.
But firstly I ask and suggest u to call her and reproach c ... Read more »

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Wedding dress-Its only dream in this time.

Maybe dreams about marriage will become truth?

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" I wants to make her happy.

What more can I do? I think you may talk with and give her advice. She doesn't see the reality of life. She has very strong brain but not smart and specialy now when Ukraine is in war which will not know how long but not next year. She must learn to not loose people who can get sometimes support on these difficult times. We can remain as friends but not obligations for support.

Happiness is not about complex logarithms of the world! Happiness is simple postulates...
love every day
Love every minute
Treasure those who are near
Appreciate every moment.
And just live!
  To live... not to exist.".

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 Very romantic love story our client Inna has in our agency. Lets hope that this big love will  be finished by marriage.

"Hello again dear Luda It's after midnight now. I was only shortly write about Inna and me. I never in my life put my mental and physical energy to any girl like I did to Inna until now since 7 years. She knows it. I tried to support her to all I could. She sometimes did mistakes but I didn't run away but I forgave her because I really I love her. She can't find a copy of me anywhere. After have been together in Spain last night I asked her come to me on your balcony to talk about us and our relationship. She refused to join me. After have come back to Sweden I tried to talk with her here by sms as usual. ... Read more »

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