There is love and there is the chance that will be marriage. At least we have the hope. She and he spend their holiday in Spain in July 2023 and she is waiting the proposal for marriage. They even were looking the Wedding dress, but her hope for proposal of marrige did not realised. She is still waiting...

 She came back to Ukraine, he came back to his country. They write to each other. Only writting about everything. Hope that some day he will propose her marriage.

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Not easy to find a right person to our custome from Italia, but we try.

"Luba, I’m working. It’s very hot here. 40 degrees Celsius and I’m dressed up... I need to see more pictures of Nataly. In Italy women don’t dress like that. Those who wear leopard print are not classy women... There is a need for simplicity, beauty and absolute fidelity to the Italian man. I understand that you must earn money. I have always paid you, but above all I have respect for you. Not all women are suitable for me and not even I for them. From today I have very little time available because I am very busy with work. She can improve her life if she will make the right choice and especially if she will know how to be devoted to man. Like I said, I gotta ... Read more »

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Tickets for plane  are ready!

"Tell Natalie that I prayed also for her health and mood our Blessed Virgin yesterday that for us Catholic was the celebration of our Blessed Virgin Saint Name "Maria"..
Tell her to be sweet and loving with me,since i love her, although her insults and offences..
And tell her to not change all what she assured you about the expenses,already payed by me,of her trip to Krakow and that i can't send more;
 trip that I'll decide with her even today when she will call me..and tell that I prefere to speak by voice instead of massaging.. it's obviously much better, to avoid anger and nervousness"..

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