To plan the trip it is always not simple. Our ladies lives in Ukraine, some in Europe Customers live in  different countries. Tickets we need to help to buy, all preparations for a long trip to lady.

" Dear my customer! Yes, I'm sorry you ended your relationship with Elena. I thought you found what you were looking for. can you still meet? she told me yesterday that everything is fine between you and you have planned a trip, maybe she really needs a suitcase  I ask you to be a little patient with the girls. maybe there is a reason to stop at one girl and try to patiently build a relationship. Now is such a difficult time for the country, for the girls. everyone is in panic attacks and makes mistakes .. Believe me, it is difficult ... Read more »

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 If you will read this letter of our Italian customer, you will see to how many questions we have to answer. It is our everyday work...

Lyubov, good morning. I repeat that from those 3 photos I had a good feeling about that woman, but I kindly asked you to see more photos of her. Recent. Real. Don’t touch it up. Let’s do something different from the past. Is she in love with me or is she yet another arrogant Ukrainian woman I have to endure? You didn’t even tell me her name. As long as I do not receive what I have repeatedly requested, I will not make any payments. Today everything here is closed. It is Sunday. It depends on you. If it’s a scam, forget it. Tell me if it’s when this lady comes to Italy to meet me. Which city i ... Read more »

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