In Our Agency New Couple

 A new couple in our agency!. Congratulation! 

 Ve are so glad that they liked each other!. Its great, really great to help the people to be  happy. They are happy! I cannot describe my feeling when I saw the good result of my work and see the people happy. I realise how is important my job.

 The way to them to meet each other was long and difficul. Natalia is our client more then 10 years. Roberto is our client 4 years. We tried to help them to meet the half all those years , but nothing happen. 

 And only today those two lonely persons finnaly met each other. It happen in Poland in a small village, where Natalia came at the beginning of the war. Roberto made this long trip from Italia with a great pleasure, even the trip was long and dificult.

Look their photo and wish them to be happy. 


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