Exchanging is Possible, But...

Dear Bryan. I'm surprised that you decided to ask for the exchange of the girl you so sincerely wanted. I don't quite understand what happened between you. but I know for sure that she sincerely went to meet you and was glad to meet you personallyI never change contacts after the man and the girl started talking.. and if you take into account the fact, your disrespectful attitude towards me in Krakow, a complete exchange behind my back, the girl’s instigation to do some kind of shady and dishonest deeds ... made me reconsider my views on our further cooperation .. but, taking into account the fact that every person has the right to make a mistake, I hope that you sincerely repent of what you have done, and the fact of our personal sympathy .. I respect you and, as a sign of our friendship, I change your contact .. only from doing to help two lonely hearts find love. I hope that you will continue to be correct in your actions and attitude towards me, my girls and cooperation. Thank you. Sincerely, Elena-

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