He Gives Chance

 I am confident, will give a beautiful woman from your country a chance to meet me. It depends on their intelligence to understand what opportunities they have and above all they must be able to not lose the chance that you give them. Otherwise it's worse for them.

I want to see how it behaves. If you want to come to my house, you can come. But I don't want to beg her to come. And if she doesn't come too, I go on with my life. I don't pull my hair out. I've seen too many smoky, pretentious people who have proved unreliable. Problems them. I don't think they will lead a better life than they could with me.

I have to be my woman's priority. And she will be my priority. She must understand with her heart and mind what I can and want to do for her. I will give it all to her. If you get sick you will have the best treatment and the best doctor. I ask for faithfulness and true love. 

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