One more couple in our agency decided to be together. They are not married yet, but stay together. She is a refugee from Odessa, he lives in France. They stay together in Paris. In those videos you can see their trip last week end to the South of France. You see, Spring is so beautiful there already, like their feelings.

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"Yesterday I met an architect woman in Rome, but I don’t like her. Now I contact again the Ukrainian agencies and the first beautiful, I repeat beautiful, Ukrainian woman who comes to me, she becomes my woman.
A race to see who’s gonna be by my side.
Then comes the summer.
Beach.. My friends...
New job, new job

Until today only. Irina, the presenter I met in Holland made a good impression. ALL THESE OTHER WOMEN ARE ONLY GOOD FOR  NOTHING.   I WOULD NEVER WANT SUCH A WOMAN BY MY SIDE. At 99.9% I get engaged, I don’t know. When, with an Italian woman. With you it’s kind of a game, one more attempt. But I do not think that a relationship with a Ukrainian woman is possible. Only disadvantages is n ... Read more »

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Luda .every person has their own qualities. Each of us is different from other people. I physically in a woman greatly appreciate the beauty of the smile, regular teeth, fleshy lips. I also like the pronounced cheekbones. I don’t care about the hair color, as long as it’s straight, and eye color is not a problem. I like women with long legs, tight hips, wide shoulders, and breasts that are too small or too big.. I love women who love to cook: my country is full of great products to eat. I adore the woman who is devoted to her man, the woman who follows her man, the faithful, calm and smiling woman. I do not love the woman narcissistic, egocentric, exhibitionist, vulgar,... I like privacy, style, grace, calmness, humility, simplicity, good taste. In Italy w ... Read more »

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