"She was right not to answer. Her silence is an answer. She chose to be that boy’s woman, and I hope she’s happy with him. For me, the speech is over. She didn’t stop my life from moving on. The world is full of women. It’s not just her. If she wanted me, she was already here for a long time. I am grateful to the universe that this meeting with her was not there. She would have been a big problem for me. When something does not happen, it means that it should not happen. I have no regrets and regret. She is too young for me. I would have found her interesting for love. Otherwise she would have been a wrong choice for me. She’s gonna be a mother with no money, and over the years, nobody’s gonna like her. She will only have to ho ... Read more »

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" Last night at the hotel I thought a lot about your girls' behavior. I would run to a man who offers me a better life. Instead they do not understand that your country is at war, war will bring more destruction, hunger, poverty, humiliation, death. I can spend 100 euros. Inside those 100 euros there is their destiny. Behind those 100 euros there is a man who can be their only salvation. In front of those 100 euros there is you who allow them to have a rare opportunity. Lina is also really absurd. It’s probably best for her that she marry that poor boy with no future prospects of having a comfortable life. On reflection, it’s also good for me that you make this choice. I don’t have to beg you at all. If anything, it’s the opposite. ... Read more »

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A serious client..

"A few days ago you wrote to me to continue your work. I will help a Ukrainian family who arrived in Italy, but they will not live in my house. I will have to move for work, so I cannot take a family of Ukrainian refugees with me or leave them at home in my absence. I am living the life of a playboy in Italy, because Italian women (who have a house, children, work and a divorce) want me to stay here. But I can't because I will have to move .  So I decided I didn't want to bond with any Italian woman for this reason.Lina was too young for me. I don't care. I am looking for a beautiful woman born in 1981. There is a reason, one day I explain it. No leo or scorpio as a zodiac sign. Absolutely not. She is at least 166 ... Read more »

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