"I absolutely don't want to disrespect any of your women. But I also have preferences. It's natural. The 42-year-old woman whose photos you sent me is not as beautiful as Lina and the 28-year-old. Besides, I can't rate a person with 1 or 2 photos. For example, are they recent? Name, children, height, where are they these days whether in Ukraine or abroad ... I don't know anything. I'm in no rush. In this period, I am helping people from your country that I met for work some time ago. It is not necessary to get engaged to a Ukrainian woman. If it happens, if there is mutual interest, then very gladly. But I want her to be very beautiful and reliable. With your head on your shoulders and your feet on the ground. The 28-year-old is gorgeous in th ... Read more »

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 Attention to the women born in 1981. We have one nice, educated man who is looking for future wife who was born in 1981. Dear ladies -write to us and we will send your letter with your photo to this man and who knows? Maybe you will find each other.

At first, these romantic relationships work great. But then, for example, if she wants to go out in the evening, the relationship ends in a minute. I am looking for a woman who loves staying at home, cooking, sitting on the sofa watching TV. This is why I was telling you the year 1981. A 41-year-old woman is much more stable and where do you want me to go to find better ??

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