"Dear Lina, at the end of the month I return to my home. I am out on business. I have changed many things in my life. Right now I have four job opportunities. I am really happy because there is a big economic crisis, but I have a very appreciated professional resume and therefore I get many job offers. I’ll do everything I can to be your man, and if I can’t, I’ll wish you happiness. But if you get married, I don’t want to interfere in your future life anymore. I am happy to have met you, unfortunately because of a disease that I have cured and defeated, I have disappeared. I have always thought of you beside me. I wanted to make you happy, and I want you to be happy with me in the future.
A strong hug.
I think about you all the ... Read more »

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Our Italian customer made this video in order to show to his dream girl the beauty of his country.

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" Dear liubov, you can tell Lina that I fell in love with her as soon as I met her and exchanged videos. Unfortunately I had to treat myself for a health problem and fortunately I am totally cured. She wrote to me that she soon becomes a man’s wife. If she wants to marry this man, I cannot prevent her choice. I sincerely regret reading this news, but if your heart is for another man, then there is no place for me. These days I have changed jobs. I will be out with my new colleagues until the end of the month. Company is investing a lot of money for me and wants a training course to work better. So we can meet later this month. I live in a villa with 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, garden, jacuzzi, sauna, fireplace, elegant furnishings. I have a beach house 50 mete ... Read more »

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