I am confident, will give a beautiful woman from your country a chance to meet me. It depends on their intelligence to understand what opportunities they have and above all they must be able to not lose the chance that you give them. Otherwise it's worse for them.

I want to see how it behaves. If you want to come to my house, you can come. But I don't want to beg her to come. And if she doesn't come too, I go on with my life. I don't pull my hair out. I've seen too many smoky, pretentious people who have proved unreliable. Problems them. I don't think they will lead a better life than they could with me.

I have to be my woman's priority. And she will be my priority. She must understand with her heart and mind what I ca ... Read more »

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"Lina in life nothing is by chance. There are situations that change people's lives. For better or for worse. But there are also people who change the life of each of us. So it is important to never forget who is doing our good and who is doing evil. Distances no longer exist. There are people who are compatible in character, goodness of mind. I want to see you happy. I will do everything I can to make you happy.
I wish you the best in life.
With deep respect and sincere gratitude

Lina, you will help me take food to 3 Ukrainian families, who are on their way to Italy, in my car. Then you and I are going to eat fish by the sea. If you like it of course.

I think about you.

I am a down-to-earth man with a head on his shoulders ... Read more »

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