" The end of the war does not necessarily mean the beginning of peace. There is a risk of widespread guerrilla warfare. Crime everywhere. As long as there are weapons in the country, there will be death. And if there is no legality, everyone will do as he wants. So it will be difficult to live in peace. Foreigners will not come. Today's wars are eternal: see Syria. Would you go to live in Syria? Better to live away from Russia. So Italy, Spain or Portugal-- if the war ends for the Ukrainian women of your agency it is better to live in Europe and change their lives.

Lina, wrote to me a few days ago that she wanted to come to my house for a weekend. Instead, I wait for her for a longer period. In 2 or 3 days it is not possible to know a person. Lyubov b ... Read more »

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Our couple  spent the holyday in Egypt. Maybe they will be married.

A Romantic holiday in Egypt makes for the perfect getaway for me and my love..... 
I am so happy. Our meet in Egypt is very romantic and our feelings grow up. We are happy every moment. All things which around us is very romantic for 2 people who in love. 
Egypt is natural beauty. Here very warm and fresh water now. Our first day was perfect on sunshine!

We hear so nice song today! Name of this romantic songs “Big Love” Fleetwood Mac
It’s about big love. Love is everything. 

"Looking out for love
In the night so still
Oh, I'll build you a kingdom
In that house on the hill
Lookin' ... Read more »

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"You must introduce me to the most beautiful woman you have. But she is not a 28-year-old girl. She and she are not even an immature or untrustworthy person.

On my list of 5 ladies who is the most reliable? For you. A woman with her feet on the ground. Humble. Kind. Not exhibitionist. Far from the luxurious life, but closer to real life, made up of real, simple, concrete things.

Liubov, don't be in a hurry. Of course you can find someone I really like, but we should both be compatible as a lifestyle and as real projects. A divorced woman of 40/45 years, long legs, delicate features,  a good cook, a stable woman, a non-vain woman, a thin woman with femininity. You will see that you can do something more"

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