Our clients help a lot to the refugees. This Italian customer is one of them.

"II am helping people from your country. Those in difficulty must always be helped. Getting to know a Ukrainian woman is a totally different story. If what interests me happens, and if there is mutual interest, then fine. Otherwise I will not let the first one come into my life, because I have seen 2 or 3 beautiful photos. It is absolutely not necessary and I will never make such a stupid choice. In the next few days I will go in person to bring food and medicine to 3 Ukrainian families who have come to Italy.

I said no to a woman just now because she wanted to come to my house with her whole family. I only have 2 beds. Unfortunately, I cannot do more. I prefer to ... Read more »

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  They werewaiting this vacation a long time. ·3 days of vacation on Easter holiday - It is also a lot. As he is from France, he propose to her to go to the South of France, She was never in this country and Ira will be happy to go there. Ira is refugee from Ukraine, lives in Germany now. He is our customer, lives in France, They know each other almost one year . but only now  decided to be togetther. They are not engaged yet , but will be soon.Sure. We are glad for them.

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Sinsere letter of one of our customer.

"Now I'll tell you something. I am single by choice. This condition allows me to travel when I want, where I want, with whoever I want. I have visited over 40 foreign countries. Many of these too many times. I can meet all divorced, single women in Italy. And there are so many. I do what I want with my life without being accountable to anyone. So if I am joining a woman, I must like her a lot. She must be beautiful, faithful, homely, clean and intelligent. I make her live well as a person and above all as a woman. She will have it all. But you don't have to ask me for a child. Otherwise I prefer the relationship to end. And so was my life after the divorce with my ex-wife and the birth of my 2 chil ... Read more »

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