The woman, if she is intelligent, must understand that when the fortune train arrives, she must get on it. Otherwise the train passes. And only regrets and recrimations remain

There are some Italian women who are very interested in me, but I am not. I want a strong emotion. A different feeling. Deeper. With me, especially today when there is war and absolute poverty in Ukraine, a woman from your country must understand, and never forget in life, that by my side her life can be beautiful and safe. Without me, she could meet men with bad and bad intentions.

I am a very handsome man. Elegant. Read. Wealthy. When one woman and I met in Russia, she told me if I wanted a child with her. I said no. She then preferred to marry a man richer than me, but uglier ... Read more »

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Our Ladies are very serious. And in order to come to visit a man in another country they need to receive the permittion of parents. We want that man have to know this.

 "You are very interesting, I like you :) but I don't care about other people's opinions about you - what matters to me is what I feel ....  For me it is important that a man does things.  First, I can't go to a man I don't know….. my parents wouldn't approve of it… and neither would my upbringing.  I am a very serious girl and I am determined to get married - therefore, either a man comes to me to build relationships, or does everything so that I can come to another country.  but since you say that you have bad experience in ... Read more »

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