War it is always difficulties for everybody. But for women especially very difficult. Our customer wants to help at least one Ukrainian woman to survive in this time.

"Over 7 million Ukrainian refugees  leaved your country. Unfortunately Ukraine will be largely destroyed and it will be difficult to live there in the next few years. The future reconstruction, after the war, will be done by foreign capitalists, who will become the masters of the country. In Europe there will be Ukrainian refugees in every country. Few Ukrainians will return to Ukraine because they will want to stay out of the Russian danger and therefore will try to live in the West".

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The reflections of our client about woman and war.

"Between a man and a woman, the most lasting relationships are those in which both know they have a mutual advantage of being together. Instead, relationships based on the idea of ​​love and physical attraction end and become ashes. I'm like a flash in the pan. A great initial flame, then nothing. The most intelligent and fortunate Ukrainian women will not waste time and will seek in a serious Western man a relationship of couple with fidelity and respect that saves life and gives a certainty of love and identity. Those who have fled from war, in addition to pain, the loss of material goods have mainly lost one thing: their identity. And this is a drama. In a few months or years, you will see th ... Read more »

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