Some Thoughts

" The end of the war does not necessarily mean the beginning of peace. There is a risk of widespread guerrilla warfare. Crime everywhere. As long as there are weapons in the country, there will be death. And if there is no legality, everyone will do as he wants. So it will be difficult to live in peace. Foreigners will not come. Today's wars are eternal: see Syria. Would you go to live in Syria? Better to live away from Russia. So Italy, Spain or Portugal-- if the war ends for the Ukrainian women of your agency it is better to live in Europe and change their lives.

Lina, wrote to me a few days ago that she wanted to come to my house for a weekend. Instead, I wait for her for a longer period. In 2 or 3 days it is not possible to know a person. Lyubov believe me, I didn't understand why she disappeared. What benefit did you get by closing with me? She is a refugee. His life became difficult.. What does she think is doing in life?"

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