He Seeks The Most Beautiful Woman For Marriage

"You must introduce me to the most beautiful woman you have. But she is not a 28-year-old girl. She and she are not even an immature or untrustworthy person.

On my list of 5 ladies who is the most reliable? For you. A woman with her feet on the ground. Humble. Kind. Not exhibitionist. Far from the luxurious life, but closer to real life, made up of real, simple, concrete things.

Liubov, don't be in a hurry. Of course you can find someone I really like, but we should both be compatible as a lifestyle and as real projects. A divorced woman of 40/45 years, long legs, delicate features,  a good cook, a stable woman, a non-vain woman, a thin woman with femininity. You will see that you can do something more"

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