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" Last night at the hotel I thought a lot about your girls' behavior. I would run to a man who offers me a better life. Instead they do not understand that your country is at war, war will bring more destruction, hunger, poverty, humiliation, death. I can spend 100 euros. Inside those 100 euros there is their destiny. Behind those 100 euros there is a man who can be their only salvation. In front of those 100 euros there is you who allow them to have a rare opportunity. Lina is also really absurd. It’s probably best for her that she marry that poor boy with no future prospects of having a comfortable life. On reflection, it’s also good for me that you make this choice. I don’t have to beg you at all. If anything, it’s the opposite. She inside this villa is a princess, outside of this house is no one in Italy. Do you think to live comfortable institution because you feel beautiful? When he has to buy a house, a car, open a business, it takes money. Lots of money. She has no money and in the future she will have less. You dear liubov are a very smart person. I am sorry that your girls are not like you. In my house no person comes to dictate conditions. I did not allow that even my ex-wife. When I’m with a woman, I always treat my woman well. It’s natural. It’s part of me. If you want to come to me, you must be happy to come here. Indeed, you must say that you are really lucky. But if you don’t understand what it means, then it’s better that you stay there. That goes for you and any other person. The reason why I am single still I explained many vokte: many Italian women would like to live with me, but they are mothers and I am not willing to have other people’s children in my house"

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