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A serious client..

"A few days ago you wrote to me to continue your work. I will help a Ukrainian family who arrived in Italy, but they will not live in my house. I will have to move for work, so I cannot take a family of Ukrainian refugees with me or leave them at home in my absence. I am living the life of a playboy in Italy, because Italian women (who have a house, children, work and a divorce) want me to stay here. But I can't because I will have to move .  So I decided I didn't want to bond with any Italian woman for this reason.Lina was too young for me. I don't care. I am looking for a beautiful woman born in 1981. There is a reason, one day I explain it. No leo or scorpio as a zodiac sign. Absolutely not. She is at least 166cm tall. Slender physique. Long legs. Female. Straight hair. At most you can have a daughter (better a girl than a boy) aged 16 or over. But she is a very beautiful woman, but above all very serious. No the usual Ukrainian women who just want money on Western union. Made myself clear? A woman who wants to come to Italy, who follows me, as soon as I have to move for work. A woman who loves to cook. A clean person. Otherwise we leave it alone. BUT MUST HAVE BORN IN 1981. Otherwise I don't care. Let me know when you have news, if you have it of course. Today it is vital for Ukrainian women to live abroad. Unfortunately, your country is destroyed in every sense of the word.
Thank you"

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