"I want a woman who runs to me, who is happy with my interest, who is flattered, who is concretely willing to change her life with me.
There is no point in waiting for this Alina.
I honestly don't like this attitude.
Good morning starts in the morning.
I have no intention of praying either Alina or any other woman.

I'll give you an important confidence. I, as you know, don't want a child. But I, after years of happy coexistence with my future woman, will make a huge gift to her. I will marry her. Why? Because when I die, according to Italian law, you will be able to receive 60% of my pension every month. Then she will have a monthly annuity which will allow her to live decently. I have clear ideas. I also have to think about my woman's future. I think it's a very nice thing and a guarantee for her life

The woman I choose, she may not work all her life and have a comfortable life.
I don’t know if that’s small.
She can go on a beach holiday every year.
She can have the best doctors in case of need, live serene and relaxed and respected.
If that’s not enough, then I don’t know what to say."

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