Where To Find Special Lady?

"When I was in love with a woman, even though I knew that another woman was interested in me, I didn’t care about changing partners, because I was really happy in the couple. So k cannot be interested in me, simply because she is happy and is in love with this man. When two people are in love their relationship is always stronger, solid and cohesive. There should be a sharp separation between them, but this will not happen because neither of them has an interest in destroying the couple relationship. Indeed, their only goal will be to get to marriage. So maybe they will have to spend years, many years to get to a couple crisis. All couples come to a crisis, but it won’t make sense for me to think about her anymore. We have virtually touched each other but if our paths have not crossed, it means that our fates are different. As for you, I appreciate your willingness to look for a Ukrainian woman for me. But you introduced me to the most beautiful. All the others are uglier. She had to come here right away instead of staying in Switzerland all the time. You no longer have any woman who can be suitable for me. I always listen to you. Thank you anyway. You better find women for other men. You have nothing left for me to present. I had made my choice. The rest does not interest me. It’s easier for me to meet my woman elsewhere, but not with you. I don’t want to disappoint you, but I don’t care about anyone anymore. You will find many women to Western men. I am happy that you will do this. Never think of me again. I cannot be satisfied. You waste time and I waste time.
Thank you
Have a good day"

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