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 Maybe this is  his dream lady? 

Not easy to find a dream woman for a serious man.Sometimes It takes a lot of time. But we go ahead.

"To live well you need common sense. Intelligence. To be concrete what a Ukrainian woman can give me, besides love of course: beauty, fidelity,  cooking, .. And what can I give to a Ukrainian woman: beyond love, fidelity, security, a home, a good life. If these things are mutually desired then a story will never end. But if Lina or another woman did not run here, despite the war, the hunger, the fear, .. It means that it is not the right situation for me. People don't have to be prayed to come. They have to understand that that is the best choice for life. If she hasn't made this choice she is not interested, she would like something else or I, as I think, most likely am not the right man for her. No problem. At least for me. I don't think Lina is honest with me. I am sorry for her sad story (like that of all your people), but I am not responsible for her pain. You will introduce me to a beautiful woman who will not think about it for a moment and will run to Italy for me. That will be a much more interesting person to me"

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