She Chose Something Else

"I probably wasn’t too convincing with k, k she didn’t want to come to me because she chose something else, you didn’t convince her enough to come to me.
In this way our meeting was not there, she chose another man and you repeatedly tried to propose to me other women.
The result is obvious.
Our paths are totally divergent.
Nothing bad has happened. It always happens in life.
But there’s no going back.
K and I could have been a great, happy couple.
Now it’s only fair that you and I hope she’s happy with this guy all her life.
My happiness never passes for the misfortunes of others.
I’m going my own way.
You will no longer be, not because of you of course, the vessel for my love and k will never be my woman.
That’s how life chose. That’s how we chose. That’s how it went.
But it’s all right."

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