Seeks Only Special Woman

"These Ukrainian women don’t even find me interesting. I don’t like them at all. I really liked only K. 
I’m 100% sure you’ll never find someone for me. 
I’m sure you will. 
You tried to. 
I showed you my last two loves, a Russian woman and an Italian woman 
This is my aesthetic level. 
Only k was of that level. 
The others are much more normal. 
Don’t waste time on me, I don’t need a normal woman. 
Just a beautiful, ex-model-type woman, but with head on shoulders and total devotion to me. 
You don’t have women for me. 
You have many women for other men. 
Not for me.

Dear Luda, I had to, despite myself, start the search with other agencies, because your only woman that I liked her preferred another man and the others only took advantage of me, either not answering the phone or not wanting to come to Italy, or just asking for money.
This way, by opening the search to more agencies, I find the woman.

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