Not Easy To Chose

"I meet a Ukrainian woman in this period, she will come with me, in my travels and accompany me. In this way he sees new places and learns Italian.  Every day I leave home in a suit and tie, with new car, new beautiful stpendio, .... It will be easy to find an Italian woman.
I wanted to give Lina a chance. A good life. We will find a woman more beautiful than her. Without any doubt
I sent you some pictures of women. It’s a race against time. Then it will be difficult for me to be free. I am very courted. Everyone wants to live with me in this villa and in my villa by the sea. I just have to decide who to choose in Italy
But unfortunately they are all with children.

 For this research, still have little time. In the coming weeks I should start a new job and I will often be out of the house. So I’m going to meet a lot of new people. I thought, from what you wrote to me, you wanted to come with Lina to my place for a few days. I probably read wrong. Then I will not have time to devote to the woman Ukraine, because going out to work, I will meet Italian women. Short a new salary, a new car, a new job.la mis life is changing quickly and positively.-

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