he Wants Refined Womam

 We have one Italian client hightly moral person and he is looking for a hightly moral lady. we try to help him.

"The difficulty is to make a woman understand that living in a world of serious, educated, educated, simple, true and refined people requires a certain style, appropriate behavior and values written on stone.. In Italy it’s a disaster. These divorced women go from bed to bed. A shame.  There is no more courtship..   40% of marriages go to divorce. The other 60% only a part remains united, while many men and women have parallel lives with lovers of all kinds.

In Italy, thousands of girls come from all over the world to become models looking for luck. 1 in 1000 makes it. The others end up  to go home or being girlfriends of old businessmen. It’s very seedy. Just when a woman meets a decent and good man should not lose him, because it is possible that she will meet worse men."

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