He Wants Perfect Woman

Luda .every person has their own qualities. Each of us is different from other people. I physically in a woman greatly appreciate the beauty of the smile, regular teeth, fleshy lips. I also like the pronounced cheekbones. I don’t care about the hair color, as long as it’s straight, and eye color is not a problem. I like women with long legs, tight hips, wide shoulders, and breasts that are too small or too big.. I love women who love to cook: my country is full of great products to eat. I adore the woman who is devoted to her man, the woman who follows her man, the faithful, calm and smiling woman. I do not love the woman narcissistic, egocentric, exhibitionist, vulgar,... I like privacy, style, grace, calmness, humility, simplicity, good taste. In Italy women are too free. Most of them are divorced with children. They all smoke, they are full of tattoos, they drink alcohol, they want to be free to live all the possible experiences. It’s easy to bring a woman to home No scandal. But it’s total squalor. I don’t like this kind of person. Their teenage children also smoke soft drugs, drink alcohol often, are violent, do not study, are vulgar and do not respect adults. There are many divorced couples who have children with multiple partners. It’s a disaster. That is why I am looking for a healthy relationship with a healthy, beautiful and devoted person. In Italy there are many young adults with men 30 years older only for economic interests. Unfortunately this is my country. People without modesty and dignity and decorum.

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