He Still Waiting...

Beauty will safe the world. But beauty can destroy the mood of a man. Our Lina have done this with our customer, but he still is waiting for her.

 "I sincerely hope that Lina will come to my house soon. But she wants to wait for her mother in Switzerland. It is a behavior that I really appreciate. Lina has all my respect. I told Lina that if her mother doesn't know where to go, I can host both of them. But I have a feeling she won't come. So if she doesn't come or if too much time has passed for her decision, I could give the same availability to mila. You just told me that mila is alone, that she is looking for a man. So anything is possible in life, except wanting to live in Ukraine which unfortunately will be a country even more in trouble after the devastating war in progress.

I will never write to Lina again. She had a huge chance. She preferred a different choice. I don’t come after that guy. I am second to none. I can only wish her to be happy all her life with him, but I doubt because without money life is hard. But that’s not my problem. I deleted her phone number. I have so many things to do. I can’t waste my time."-

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