He Is Waiting My Advice


is so pleasure to know that so educated, smart men are waiting my advice. So my opinion is important . Nice to know about this.

"Lyubov, I will send you more money, not because you are doing a job for me (also because a woman is not essential for me), but because you are concretely helping a woman in your country to have a solid and better future, more than as much as they can hope. And since they can't repay you, I do this for them. I can't tomorrow because I'm with my children .. The day after tomorrow I will certainly be 100% successful. But you have to be honest with me too. Is Lina more beautiful or the 39-year-old miss (whose name I don't know)?
Lina from the photos seems to me more reliable as a person, while the Miss Ukraine poses as a diva in the videos. Or am I wrong!
I could host both but until June. Then I will go to live in  another city and who is my girlfriend comes with me.
I am looking for a stable and lasting relationship with a woman who is faithful and happy to also be a housewife.
Women for the weekend is full in my country.
I would like to give one of these women a chance, but I don't want to make mistakes or hurt a person who is running away from war and is very fragile.
You can give me good advice"

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