He Is Not For Her


"Sorry I cannot be the right man for this beautiful girl. She and I are not meant to be together. A little girl in heels and sitting on display has never been the dream of my life. Find her a guy who wants to  see everyday this cute face. I don’t need these things. I understand that you want to earn. It is right that you earn money, but we are two worlds so far apart that they can never meet. I wouldn’t know what to do with such a woman. She’s definitely a beautiful woman, but I need a woman, not a little girl, no matter how pretty, I wouldn’t know what to share with her. Probably just the bed. But it’s too little. I’m a man, I’m fine with a woman, not a girl. You will have no trouble finding a boyfriend for her. It was easy for K and it will be just as easy with her. The guys  see the beautiful face, thinking that with the high hormones they create a better future with love. But often it’s just  a meeting or a big  attraction. Gray hair makes me more cautious. I’ll be happy to know that she, too, thanks to you, has found her young Western male.
Good night"

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