He Has Good Heart


Our clients help a lot to the refugees. This Italian customer is one of them.

"II am helping people from your country. Those in difficulty must always be helped. Getting to know a Ukrainian woman is a totally different story. If what interests me happens, and if there is mutual interest, then fine. Otherwise I will not let the first one come into my life, because I have seen 2 or 3 beautiful photos. It is absolutely not necessary and I will never make such a stupid choice. In the next few days I will go in person to bring food and medicine to 3 Ukrainian families who have come to Italy.

I said no to a woman just now because she wanted to come to my house with her whole family. I only have 2 beds. Unfortunately, I cannot do more. I prefer to host and help a single woman because it is less expensive for me. 4 people are very expensive to host. And I don't have enough space".

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