Luda you are giving an immense gift to one of these women. You are truly giving them the opportunity to live well and happy. You are saving these women from hunger, from poverty, from misery, ... Unfortunately, even from the streets for some of them! I'm surprised these women aren't as smart as you are. Whoever understands what you are doing for her will just have to be grateful to you for life

I want you to decide who is the best woman (not just for beauty) that you can introduce me to. Other friends of mine may also be interested. But they see what happens to me.

Honestly this woman in the photo on your site was interesting.

After seeing the other photos, while confirming that she is an important socio-cultural person.

I showed the videos and photos of my house, not to flaunt anything at all, but only to reassure those who will host 'because the welcome will be true and not my guest will never end up in a dirty or squalid place. But for this I ask only that there be respect towards me and my home. Nothing else.-


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