Better World Hor His Lady

"I took many decades to get to have two houses owned (a house where I now live, and one by the sea) and many sacrifices and many sacrifices... I know what and how much it cost me. All the women I have had have entered my life, enjoying my properties without ever thinking about how much I had struggled to get to where I have arrived, and with this superficiality and presumption they have only had pretensions. I soon got tired of them and every relationship is over. It takes humility, respect, gratitude and intelligence to live in harmony. This applies to everyone. Including me. I thought that a Ukrainian woman could thank God for the possibility of living in a better world, in a country in the water, in a healthy environment, with a decent person at her side, but until now I was wrong because there was no woman who had the intelligence to appreciate my life proposal. And that leaves me very perplexed".

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