Alina Refused to Come


Our Ladies are very serious. And in order to come to visit a man in another country they need to receive the permittion of parents. We want that man have to know this.

 "You are very interesting, I like you :) but I don't care about other people's opinions about you - what matters to me is what I feel ....  For me it is important that a man does things.  First, I can't go to a man I don't know….. my parents wouldn't approve of it… and neither would my upbringing.  I am a very serious girl and I am determined to get married - therefore, either a man comes to me to build relationships, or does everything so that I can come to another country.  but since you say that you have bad experience in the past and you don't want tovisit a woman - how do we start romantic feelings?  all on friendly feelings, I will not cross half the country for the sake of a meeting - I can find a friend here" Alina

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