Preparation for trip also take a lot of time. Trip to Europe to visit a future husband takes a lot of energy.

"Good morning dear Alfonso! Best wishes for a wonderful productive and successful day! Once again I want to thank you for the trust and our friendship for many years to come! Everything will be fine. Life does not end tomorrow, but relationships develop step by step. Trust is born as love, too, with time and a pleasant attitude to each other! Today I would like to ask you to respect my request for payment for my services. Do not misunderstand me! We live in a terrible time, a war, a holocaust in everything, stress, and in this situation we must not lose the good and human attitude to each other! Believe me, this is a lot of work, work with f ... Read more »

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 New couple in our  Marriage Agency "Love". In our agency  every week new couple, even during the war. 

Their first date was in Roma. She came to him from very far away, from Ukraine. They liked each other  even before meet each other. they started to write each other two weeks ago and then our agency helped they to meet. 

 Look how tender he took her hand. He was anxious to see her as soon as possible. And how many tender letters they wrote before date. Some of them we can publish, they gave their permission.

"My love! We are made for each other! Very soon our life will change! Let's gain strength and patience! Just a little more, my love! Please, I beg you very, very much! We are a team! W ... Read more »

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Arrangement of trip was not so easy,

"Madam Elena,
Thanks again for your so precious help in order to bring finally yo me Rita,the woman of my dream..
Then,let's decide the date of your trip to Krakow.
I m arranging all needs (your good Bus from Vinnitsa)Hotel in Kracow and my flight to get there,all for the day 3th of June..
I ll arrive in Krakow by Wizzair at 17:10..Will get hotel a d wait your arrive.
I ll try to pick up you at bus station,so that we can go all together to hotel by my taxi.
I ll be so grateful to you,and will bring also a present from Italy, if you'll get free in order to leave Vinnitsa on 3th of June in mor ing,not so early (I gona search a bus leaving about 9 a.m.)
It would soun ... Read more »

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